Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fuel price getting higher and higher

it is Rm2.70 a liter effective 12a.m. on 5 June 2008. guess wat ? typical malaysians jammed up petrol stations and subsequently jammed up the major roads after the news is out...

why are malaysians doing this ? don't you think you are wasting more petrol by being caught in a queue or a traffic jam ? how much can your petrol tank hold ?

think hard!

Monday, February 11, 2008

food review: the apartment - suria KLCC

it's lunch time. i was browsing through the internet for food over at KLCC.

i have stumbled at this place called "the apartment". for more details, please visit

it's not accessable through the main building of suria klcc. there are a few options: -
  • go through isetan - shoes department - go through the side entrance and the apartment will be on your left
  • go out from the jalan ampang entrance of KLCC - turn right and walk pass menara maxis
  • go out from park mall entrance - turn left and go till the end of suria klcc

it says the apartment consists of level 1 too, but it is not accessable.

the apartment is divided into two sections - dining and study. i was just wondering why there is no bedroom!

i was nicely greeted by the staff. a warm welcome :)

the interiors are cosy...can be a romantic dinner place if you are thinking of valentine's dinner with your love one...or love ones. they already have a valentine's day menu all set up for that exciting day!

i chose to sit inside because of the hot afternoon weather. Inside, you can see the bar counter with wine glasses hung above. to the left there's a lift. my guess is that is leads up the the study room. the study is not my kind of room, so i chose the dining room to have my meal.

the menu - first five pages are drinks, cocktail and liquor. the rest are appetizers, main meals and desserts. if you looked at the menu carefully, they are printed on the old school graph papers.

i wanted to have the cheese platter (under the global tapas section). Instead i had the fish cake tapas. Five pieces of fish cake with two slices of lemon and tartar sauce on the side - RM14.90++. The texture is really like a cake. At first, i thought it will feel like the penang otak-otak. It really feels like a cake! The taste is good. If you don't like food with herb flavour, this might not be a choice for you.

i moved on to the dessert after the tapas. i chose the crunchy walnut crepe - RM11.90++. like the name, walnuts are a must in this dessert. it is topped with sweet honey. this dessert is very filling. Unable to go on with more on the menu after i had this. i also noticed they don't have cold desserts.

no charge for plain water.

side dishes cost at RM5.90++
steamed rice is RM2.90++

my review: a cosy place to dine-in
rating: 4/5

Saturday, February 09, 2008

another long while

it's chinese new year again!

may everyone be prosper and fat :p

it's just been over 3 months since i have this new job and it's coming to an end.'s not a contract work...just that i don't click well with the managers. i just can't imagine a manager can ask me "why i ask you to do this, you would just only do this?" OMG...i'm a obedient worker...i just don't want to get into trouble by doing too much!

Another manager...we call her the dragon lady...maybe she doesn't know how to put her words...some things can be worded nicely...for example.. "I think you are blind!" can be nicely said with "next time, please look carefully."

another incident with dragon lady was she found out i call a ms secretary "Mr. Chan". That ms secretary was a known-for-a-fact ms snobbish. i went into her room and ask for Mr Chan...she din say a word...put out her my mind, i it Mr Chan or Ms Chan on the memo...?? so i asked in a slow voice..."" i didn't finish my sentence and she got mad. i was actually wanted to ask "are you mr. chan's secretary?". but too late...she was furious and said her name is Nancy. i guess this Nancy told someone...and that someone told that dragon lady...i din know she is a part time gossip queen. I mean...things like this you don't go ask the star person whether is it true or not. She really gets on my nerves. Feel like putting my shoe in her mouth.

I don't know...maybe she is not my she don't care how i feel.

Enough of her least till the 18th...hehehe...merdeka again for me...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

after a long while

hello...long time i've never been inspiration to blog...hehe...

i noticed that the last time i've blogged is February. One..two..three...SEVEN months already!

i've been at work since March...been to penang...been to batu gajah...

It seems that Kellie's castle is the only attraction in B.G. Nice little town...

Recently, I fell down...hurt my right knee again. *sob sob* my elbow hurts too. Actually, I was on the way out...going to B.G. Then, SPLAT!...darn pebblewash...darn shoe...! Trip cancelled :(

I am alrite now.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

i love heroes!

"Heroes" - my favourite tv series for the moment. Got half of the 1st season in my hands but unable to watch pass the 4th episode. The series won't run's just a matter of time. I've just realised that the actor who played Peter-something in the series (the younger brother who can fly) used to be in "Gilmore Girls". All grown up already.

Right now, it's in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration! Everyone starting to come back from their hometown. Roads are insanely going to be jammed again during the rush hour next week. I'll be back working again soon. It's going to be the same old place again.

People always say if you don't take any action, you won't be going away from where you are now. But I did take action, but I end up in the same job. Well, if I look at it carefully, I didn't really end up where I was before. At least, I don't think so. Priorities are not the same anymore! Decisions are important. Have to really think before acting on it.

~till next time~Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

tiny bananas

my 3rd aunt gave to us when she visited us the other day.

i thought the bananas shrunk when i open the plastic bag to see...

Friday, January 19, 2007

it's 2007

time really flies...i'm still have no idea on what should i do with my life.

is it really true that my destiny is to be with my ex-company forever and ever? the door is now open....i know it is a one way door back to the old routine. i wouldn't go to the extreme to say that is a nightmare back there but it does comes with sweet memories which i cherish through my years there.

job hunting is not easy especially if you wanna start over. i'm not saying totally start's just to explore the other fields of accounting. it is the same as the information technology (IT) field...lots of branches from there from networking to programming. i'm not like jumping from accounting to marketing, that's for sure. but potential employers thinks that once i've started as a tax personnel....i shall die as a tax personnel. i don't really blame them. time is money. why bother to train someone for the job where they can find someone who knows what to do for the job?

another sad part is that my heart is not truly with accounting. i always believe that one can perform well in things that he/she dislike but not truly successful in it. in other words, you can't be a millionaire in doing things you dislike. does anybody agree with me?

for the most common reason, it's easy to find a job with an accounting degree, no doubt about it. i'm not fretting that i don't get a job, it's just that i don't think i like my job. i really think that it's my personal of the reason i quit my job.

queen mother is not happy. i guess she's tired that i haven't found a job yet. there goes her words "money is everything". on and on it a broken record. "look how old you are now...what have you achieved so far?'" she said. "i have achieved confusion now!". i said in my heart.

i really need to do something. at least out from where i am now. eventhough it's just 1mm away from where i'm standing now.

"Can anyone please give me a sign?"